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Light and music in a single design item.

Revolumen is a solution of the highest quality, and absolutely new.

3 years of engineering, 100% Italian design and creativity:
top quality audio and light, in a single item.

Revolumen. Much more than just a lamp!

When the sound shines with its own light.

A design item, able to completely revolutionize the concept of light and sound, in a perfect union that guarantees maximum visual and acoustic comfort in every location.

A unique tool that enriches and enhances domestic locations as well as clubs and workspaces, thanks also to its modularity that allows different settings and compositions.

Revolumen has two shapes: conical and truncated pyramid. You can choose it from different colours, effects and finishes to harmonize aesthetically with any style of furniture and concept. It can be installed individually or in series on any type of ceiling and false ceiling.

Revolumen is available in two light versions: White (only 3200 °K warm white light) and RGBWhite (RGB spectrum + cold white light at 5500 °K).

Modulated to make every occasion unique.

A perfect product, with a minimal design adaptable to any indoor location – home or office.

Revolumen can beautify and make your home or workspace more comfortable and customize it according to the context of use.

Imagine yourself relaxing in the tub after a hard day's work, while the aroma of scented candles comes over the air; Revolumen above you, your favorite music that resonates... and the chromotherapy function that gently illuminates the room with all the colours of wellness.

And now think of yourself as you slow down and reconnect to the present during a yoga practice. The light that falls softly on you, the music that accompanies every movement you make...

The ambience becomes perfect every time thanks to the versatility and uniqueness of Revolumen.

revolumen conico singolo

100% Made in Italy quality. The (Italian) genie of the lamp.

Revolumen is made in full respect of the environment, with high quality materials and exclusively made in Italy finishes.

  • Very high efficiency digital audio amplifier (92%)
  • LED lamp with a duration of 65,000 hours
  • High efficiency LED driver (93%)
  • 5 year warranty
single conic Revolumen

The costum-designed lamp, inside and out.

  • Conical or truncated pyramid
  • Revolum audio only
  • Audio and light W (warm white) Revolumen
  • Audio and RGBW light (cold white W) Revolumen

You can make your Revolumen look unique with a wide range of Colours or with the finishing of the "Metal" collection.

You can decide how many install, joined (magnetically mate) or separated.

Through the specifically designed App, following an intuitive approach, you can adjust the colour and intensity of the light, choose the music to listen to, adjust the volume all in the simplest and fastest way.

revolumen conico singolo

Use together more Revolumen...

Revolumen gets along perfectly on its own, but there is a way to reveal all its power: combine 4 devices together!

This will give you a perfect Line Array, a cylindrical sound wave capable of circumscribing a precise area.

revolumen conico collezione metallo

... another kind of music!

In this way the music will be directed only towards the desired space, without disturbing the people close to you.

Imagine the intimacy of a club, the soft light, a good glass of wine... and the music that descends on you giving you all the ambience of a private soundtrack.

The features

Italian 100% eco-friendly design

ROHS compliantefficenza energeticarecyclable matirials

Revolumen is made in full respect of the environment, with high quality materials and finishes exclusively made in Italy.

  • Hi tech design
  • Energy Class A++
  • Materials used: aluminum, abs, copper.
  • ROHS electronic components
  • Recyclable material

Choose a light worthy of note

luci al ledlunga duratasuono altà fedeltà

Revolumen is built with high quality audio and light components that ensure a lifetime of years.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Very high efficiency LED driver (93%)
  • RGBW Led Engine (5.500 °K CRI 75%) 10W with 28° lens
  • Led W (warm white 3200 °K CRI 90%) 10W with lens 28° - 45°
  • Audio processing with DSP, 92% high efficiency digital amplifier

Where design meets safety

emergency light

Connected to a UPS, Revolumen also become emergency lamps and, given their very modest consumption, they can stay on for a long time.

luce in caso di blackout

Smart HomeConnected with the future

compatible with Alexa

Revolumen can also be controlled via the voice assistants Alexa, Google, Siri.

You can contact your voice assistant to tell your Revolumen what to do making your home, your room or your office even more Smart.

vocal assistant

Audio and light Never been so smart

revolumen appbluetoothwifi

Revolumen can be controlled through the app via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi in your home and via Wi-Fi in clubs or more complex installations.

The app has an intuitive interface and allows you to adjust the intensity of the light and the colour, choose the music to listen to and adjust the volume.

To adjust the colours you can use both the colour wheel mode and the fine one for an even freer and more precise setting.

In addition, Chromotherapy and Disco Effect modes are provided.

You choose
the ideal setting


You can also install only one Revolumen: the light and the sound emitted are more than enough to illuminate and give a soundtrack to a table, an armchair, etc.

If you want to create a wider and more limited area you must use at least four Revolumen, this will allow you to limit the sound within the area below limiting the sound to a specific area.

line array
revolumen app

Revolumen App.
Sound and light in a tap.

Download our App for free from the stores.

Thanks to our app, easy and intuitive, you can control your Revolumen from your iOS and Android devices. Connected via Bluetooth, you can access all the audio and light functions of your Revolumen.

You can control the audio being played, adjust the volume, create your own playlists and the discographies of the artists you love.

Through the App you can adjust the intensity, set the colour and light temperature of your Revolumen or activate the Chromotherapy or Disco Effect mode.

The App is compatible with:
controlli vocali Amazon Alexacontrolli vocali SIRIcontrolli vocali Google Assistant
For iOS and Android

Revolumen. Your Chromotherapy system.


The accessories

lineart revolumen

Conical 10,8 x 22 cm 1,3 Kg Truncated pyramid 11 x 23 cm 1,3 Kg

Energy Class A++ ROHS electronic componentsRecyclable material Aluminum, Zamac, Abs, Copper. Very high efficiency over 90%

  • Engine RGBW (W cold white 5500 °k) 10W Cri 75 with 28° lens (medium beam)
  • Led Cree W 3200 °k (warm white) 8.5 W, Cri 90 with lens 28° - 45° (medium or wide beam)
  • Driver Led (RGBW or W) 93% efficiency

ConnectivityHome from 1 to 8 Revolumen
RevolumBoxH (audio only) or RevolumenBoxH (RGBW or only W)

Bluetooth 4.2/Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz 802.11n
Pro (for more complex installations)
RevolumBoxP (audio only) or RevolumenBoxP (RGBW or only W)
Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz 802.11n Bluetooth 4.2

Signal Processing DSP (Analog Device), crossover optimized for low distortion and high precision.

Audio amplifierHigh efficiency digital (90%) Class D 30W on 8 Ohms

Audio unit 1x4” wide band 8 Ohm 50W
Frequency response 110-16.000 KHz (+/- 3 DB)

Revolumen Box


The heart that moves Revolumen.

Small size, maximum power

RevolumenBox contains all the control and power electronics necessary for the operation of Revolumen. The models differ according to the number of Revolumen they can control.

RevolumBox connects the Revolum, the devices that emit only sound. RevolumenBox to connect Revolumens, the devices that emit sound and light.

Home for home or small clubs, Pro for more extensive and complex installations. The number of Revolum or Revolumen that the Box can control range from 1 to 8. For a higher number, it is necessary to add more.

Always compatible

The wide flexibility of the incoming electrical power supply means that RevolumBox and RevolumenBox can be used in any country, without limitations.

Power supply

120÷370VDC; 85÷264VAC 50/60 Hz.

Installation accessories

A range of accessories to install Revolumen in any kind of space.

The accessories are all designed for quick assembly to make installation quick and easy.

Ceiling bar

The ceiling bar serves to install Revolumen in an room with normal ceiling or false ceiling.

It is made with magnetic technology to simplify and speed up assembly operations: you can install Revolumen in a flash!


To make your choice fast we have created a tool that will be available soon: the configurator.

You will be guided and assisted in choosing what you want: shapes, colours, features and accessories. In a few minutes you will be able to design your sound and light space.

Revolumen coni effetto metallo


Audio quality meets minimal design.

A small and compact subwoofer

An integrated, modular and flexible subwoofer system, designed to minimize its visual impact.

You can add one or more Revosubs even later. Our Subwoofer is independent and complete: you will only need to connect the power supply.

Low frequency sound

Revosub makes the sound diffusion uniform throughout the audio band, even in the low frequencies.

As in all audio systems, adding a subwoofer extends the frequency range downwards and completes the frequency range, making listening even more enjoyable.

Frequency response 50-110 Hz (+/- 3 DB)